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This service is our solution to poor manned guarding and answer to the need for experience security personnel with capacity to work in any environment without supervision.

Our personnel are carefully selected to ensure they have all the requirements to serve. Most of them have served meritoriously in Government Security Agencies and have been vetted and fit to carry out these roles. An important element upon their recruitment is training, during which we provide them with necessary skills that will equip them to perform effectively in the field.

Our specialists are knowledgeable in the following areas:

  1. Conflict management
  2. Supervision and enforcement of policies and procedures
  3. Hostile environment awareness
  4. Construction sites and exploration fields
  5. Sporting and other special events
  6. Investigation services


We are specialists in carrying out survey of facilities and recommending best security solutions which include electronic systems and physical installations. We also have capacity to procure, install and maintain all sorts of electronic systems and physical security equipment including:

  1. CCTV cameras, monitors and Digital Video Recorders.
  2. Home and commercial building alarm systems,
  3. Lone worker devices
  4. Access control
  5. Time and attendance systems.
  6. Turnstiles g. Scanners-Body and Baggage
  7. Control room set up.


These are creative technology devices that effectively protect homes, industrial and commercial facilities and allow clients manage the security of their homes and offices remotely without solely relying on manned guarding. They involve installation of home/commercial facility security and alarm systems under our 24/7 remote monitoring and response. These devices will not only reduce the likelihood of attack on your assets but will save you huge sums of money spent on manned guarding.


Creating a Secure Business Organization is the center nerve of our operations. We work with our clients to take advantage of those opportunities that could be turned into growth having realized that a well-guided risk could easily translate into prosperity.

Part of the services we provide here are the following: 

  1. Risk Assessment Services.
  2. Investigation And Anti Counterfeit Services
  3. Social Risks Services Especially In Relation To Operating Environment.
  4. Political Risk Consulting Services
  5. Cyber Crime Protection Services
  6. Policies And Procedures


Due to escalating crime rate especially kidnapping for ransom and need for businesses to protect their human assets against real and potential threats, there is growing need in the country for Close Protection Security Details. At TPS, we offer outsourcing services of trained and certified protection officers either as detail leaders, tactical commanders or protective intelligence agents. 

Our agents are skilled in all aspects of protective functions including journey management, anti-ambush skill, unarmed combat, intelligence analysis etc. The nature of training they acquire, equip them with the confidence and capacity they require to relate with armed bearing personnel and even assume leadership role while on official duties. Our personnel go through rigorous vetting processes to give comfort that they are suitable for the sensitive roles they play




We provide armed and unarmed security personnel that can be deployed to VIPs, expatriates, and those in need of temporary or permanent protection. We have armed escorts that can be deployed to accompany individuals in high-risk areas. 

We specialize in the application of protective films which include windows and glass doors protection which can be used on car windows, office buildings, stores, schools, industrial premises, and homes, amongst others.
Our team of experts can help you choose the right film for your needs, and we offer a professional installation service to ensure that your windows are properly protected.

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Total Protection Solutions (TPS) Limited is a specialist in managing security risks, community safety, and the sustenance of business reputation and resilience through the implementation of effective and proactive security solutions.